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Key Tower "FPV Building Dive" 

This is a passion project that became the center of attention in the Cleveland area. 

BASE Jumping x FPV 

Collaboration with some local BASE Jumpers. 

Play CLE - FPV "One Shot" Marketing Video

Thanks to 60 volunteers we were able to create a fun filled one shot fly through of Play CLE

Motocross Chase - One Shot FPV Video

A passion project with friend and local rider Bryan Burgdorf

Mandrake - Rooftop Lounge FPV 

Rooftop lounge FPV

Cleveland Browns x Barley House Game Day

FPV Video for Barley House's promotion of Cleveland Browns gameday 

Mountain Dew - "The Block" @ NBA All Star 2022

The Block was a street to stream block party celebrating NBA All-Star 2022. One of many events that were happening throughout the city for All-Star weekend. This FPV shot took one hour to plan and one take to execute. 

Real Estate

Fly through of a 15,000 sq ft. home 

Club Loose - Drift Racing x FPV 

A collection of FPV clips for race group "Club Loose"

Indoor Mountain Bike x FPV 

Rider - Chris Gates

Location - Ray's MTB Cleveland

FPV REEL 2021 

A collection of work from 2021 

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