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FPV Drone Specialists based in Cleveland, Ohio

FPV (first person view) drones are capable of extreme high speeds and maximum maneuverability. Fly anywhere, any time, through anything, in cinema quality. Any video idea or unique perspective you have, we can make it happen. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, through an open car window, or straight through some fireworks. The sky is the limit.

Dynamic FPV Drone Videos

Indoor Fly Through Video

A long single-take digital tour through your office building, school or restaurant? We can realize this from concept to edit. Our small indoor drones are capable of safely navigating through the building and showing a location in a unique way, not possible with normal cameras. 

Motor Sports

One of the most popular applications of FPV, and for good reason! It’s the only way to keep up at high speeds and get dynamic close-ups


See nature like never before, gliding low across water, skim mountain ridges and dive down waterfalls

Action Sports 

Action sports are the perfect subject for FPV. Nothing else can capture the speed and dynamic movements of action sports in the same way.

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High-End Cinema Cameras

When gopro quality is not enough, these beasts spring in to action. Our 100mph machines carry cinema grade camera’s, opening up the ability to use different lenses, have more dynamic range and better performance in dark situations. Especially usefull for matching video’s with other cameras in bigger productions.

Latest Tech

FPV drone technology is young and rapidly innovating, so we are constantly shifting to match the latest tech. Always building and implementing the latest drones or assisting technologies. This is also why we build all of our drones ourselves, so we can quickly customize and adapt with the latest tech.

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Full and half day rates available. Travel is Okay.

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